Sunday, March 9, 2014

Celebrating for making it to a whole year, join us in our Blogoversary! Giveaways, interviews, Guest Post and much more.....

It's been an amazing year and an even more amazing experience since we began blogging last March of 2013. We can't believe a whole year has passed since we started blogging about books. Since becoming book bloggers we've made lots of friends, tons of connects and read A LOT OF BOOKS! 

For our Blogoversary we were hosting a bunch of interviews from some amazing blogs doing their "thangs" in the blogging world. Many of them are diverse book blogs or passionate about marginalized groups in media!So get ready to follow some of these great blogs!

Here are a list of our confirmed guests, in no particular order. 

Delaney Diamond @ Romance Novels in Color
Paul & Renee @ Fangs For the Fantasy
Roberta @ Offbeat YA
Alysia @ My Little Pocket Books
Kelbian Noel @ Diverse Pages
Marieke Nijkamp @ DiversifYA

We've written a bunch of blogs we hope to hear back from by the end of the week, so if we hear back there will be hopefully up to 8 more guests!

Chances are we may even host a giveaway for a $15.00 Amazon giftcard(for USA Entries) and a book of anyone's choice(up to 15.00) through Book depository(For international entries), so We do hope you join us!!! 

We also plan to have author Dennis R. Upkins  discussing his upcoming release as well as a guest post talking about multiculturalism in the fantasy genre. So mark your calendars. 

And of course we haven't forgotten about our martial art spotlight for the month!!!This month it will feature Steven, Mark, Diana and Jean of the famous Lopez family! They are some of our favorites especially Steven, with his fine self!!!!

To our fellow blogging friends, How do you usually celebrate your Blogoversaries?With giveaways?Interviews?Guest Posts?Parties?We would love to hear what you guys do!!!


  1. I spotted someone I know in your list LOL. Looking forward to your questions, and eager to read what other bloggers have to say!
    Oh and - Happy Blogoversary!

  2. Happy Blogoversary!


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