Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yayyyyy!Our Blogoversary Celebration begins! First up, Fangs for the Fantasy+15.00 amazon giveaway!

Didn't we tell you we were going surprise you with some awesome blogs???

We "sat" with about a dozen great book blogs that we consider sister sites to us @ Twinja Book Reviews. Some talk more about LGBTQ and sexuality, others focus on POC in books and a few tackle a sub-culture that seems to be forgotten when we talk about diversity, people with disabilities.

Either way, they're all amazing blogs my sister and I are huge fans of and hope to show our support to these blogs in any way we can!

So why not learn about some amazing book/community blogs that highlight diversity and while you're at it check out or giveaway!It's open to both North American and International entries so everyone is welcome!

Our first highlight in our Blogoversary Celebration is a blog that not only highlights diversity in Urban Fantasy novels but in TV and movies as well, with a strong focus on social injustices! Welcome Fangs for the Fantasy!

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  1. Happy blog B-day to you guys!! Congrats!!! I do the same and host a giveaway or two.


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