Sunday, July 27, 2014

#Diverse Book Tour -Become a Tour Host!

With all that being said, what would we be, if we weren't people interested in the promotion of diverse books?

If you read the last post, we talked about the promotion of diverse books. Reading and writing diversely is one thing, but you also have to have a strong marketing plan to get your work out there. Researching ourselves, we haven't found a lot of resources that specifically go into creating marketing strategies for authors who write with characters, from marginalized groups, as main characters.

Much of a book's success is the marketing plan. One could have the most well edited, well crafted novel of their career, but much of that can be in vain without the knowledge to get your work into the hands of others.

That why it has become a pleasure to meet Sasha, a book blogger and future author of So Bookishly, and Author/Book Blogger Briana Gaitan, of Books with Bree.

Sasha is the founder of Diverse Book Tours, and has invited the three of us to join her quest in promoting books with diversity.

However, all companies require a little people power. We are looking for dedicated book bloggers who would be willing to sign up as Book Tour Hosts! We are in the beginning phase, and plan to host a soft launch at the end of August, but we can make the turn out bigger if we can count on readers to sign up and become tour hosts. Tour hosts would be the recipients of books,swag, and other interesting incentives we'd be willing to invest in, if we can make this company great!

All we ask is you take the time to click over to the "Become A Tour Host Page." There you will find a list of rules, and where to sign up, if you want to be apart of promoting diverse books. Many of you can be diversifying your shelves as we speak! Free books? Were even signing ourselves up! So come on down!


  1. I'm signed up! Looking forward to working with you ladies. :)

    Jennifer @ Donnie Darko Girl

  2. Thanks, Jennifer!You're always so great about sending love our way!You're prolly one of our favorite bloggers, so it means a lot that you would help us out in the adventure!


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