Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014 Martial Artist Spotlight- Mackensi Emory

So there's no formula to how and who we highlight each month. There are so great martial artists out there who inspire us, and make us want to keep going to get better and better! XD

We typically highlight those with long, amazing careers, and even our peers(those in our age groups) but there are actually some extremely strong martial artists whom are younger, and may one day be the future of the craft.

With the many forms of martial arts getting their shine on, I thought it'd be cool to highlight a fun form, done by a really fun martial artist!

Tricking: A type of martial art that includes a lot of acrobatics, and derives from many martial art forms, such as Karate, Wushu, Capoeira, and Kalaripayattu. Break dancing, gymnastics and similar disciplines can often be found included as well.

Mackensi Emory is a teenage martial artist with a heck of a lot of talent.

She honestly has too many titles to list here, but she has been practicing karate since the age of six.

She's from the generation of Youtube, so it's the best way to catch a glimpse of her amazing athletic ability, outside of her website.

But outside of karate, she is also a gymnast, a dancer, one of the more well known female trickers(there are far less female trickers that are well known than male)a hyper martial artists athlete, and oh, forgot to mention. A senior in high school.

Of most the trickers on Youtube, Mackensi is by far my favorite. She makes tricking look as though it's an extension of herself. Many of her videos don't omit when she makes mistakes, which I find refreshing, since you don't wake up with 12+ years of experience, and attempting a new trick is never easy.

If you need proof, catch her demo reel!


  1. Thanks you for the awesome write-up! Much appreciated :)

  2. @Mackensi Emory. Glad you could take time out your day and read this XD You're a total inspiration.Keep being amazing!


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