Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014 Martial Artist Spotlight: Chin Tsi-ang

Many readers may not know this martial artist by name. 

If you don't watch old style wuxia films, you may not know her by her films.

But this is what you do need to know. Chin Tsi-ang was arguably the first female martial arts film star.

Chin Tsi-ang started her career at the age of 16 in the year of 1925. By 1930 she'd earned her first leading role. Much of her career can be credited to practicing martial arts since the age of eight, which resulted in her doing all of her own stunts! She even choreographed some of her own scenes!

After the age of "sound" films, and the death of her husband, she still enjoyed a long career of "bits" parts in movies. She even worked until the ripe age of 90, 8 years before her timely death.

Want another interesting fact? She must've had unicorn blood! Not only was she an amazing action star, she passed down the torch!

Chin Tsi-ang is the grandmother of internationally known martial arts actor/fight choreographer Sammo Hung

To be the first lady of martial arts films, and be the grandmother of one of the most pivotal martial arts actors of this generation?

I'd say she earned her spot!

Rest in Peace Chin Tsi-ang!


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