Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why we go so hard for Diverse Books! Giveaway alert!!!

My sister and I get asked this ALL the time! Why is this a big deal to you? 

Don't you just like cool stories?

 And our favorite, Why do you go so hard for Diverse Books? Books are books, readers will read the ones that they connect to.

Who cares if the main protagonist is Latino. Or Transgender, Disabled or even all three! 

You are what's wrong with the world because all you see are the differences in people!

We get asked these things on a regular basis. And not just from strangers. Close friends and family members add to the list of people that just don't get it!

18 months ago, we were some of those "blind" people. The ones that could just read a story and it didn't matter that the characters were just characters, until we realized that all the characters were the same. 

Ya know: 
White, Straight, Able Bodied, Skinny and possibly Christian.

There isn't anything wrong with the overly used type of hero/ine, but once you open your mind to people different than you, How in hell would you want to stay in a bubble and continue to close yourself off to such amazing experiences?

You want to know why my sister and I go so hard for Diverse Books?

Because, one day, there won't be a need for a #weneeddiversebooks movement. Diverse Books will just be books. 

But because we aren't exactly there yet....

Someone has to!

Which is why we joined the Diverse Book Tours team. Nothing is more important to us than representation in all aspects of media.

If we can do our part in some kind of way to promote books of that nature, then we want to take every waking opportunity to do so. As book bloggers/readers we have so much power in what can possibly make a book successful. 

We're the ones buying the books, leaving the reviews, drawing the fan art and telling others about when we love a book.So a lot of credit is due to us, the consumers. What is a successful marketing campaign without the readers you're marketing to?

Diversity in books is something we're always going to go hard for but Diverse Book Tours is definitely going to make it easier, Lol.

What would make this venture a successful one, is you guys make it a success. We want to help authors, both traditionally and Independently published, get their stories in droves of readers. 

But most of all we want to introduce different perspectives to readers. Readers like the ones we were 18 months ago.

Why don't you sneak a peek @ the great giveaway we have going on, to be eligible, the first thing you'll need to do it sign up here @ the "Become A Tour Host Page."

We're adding all types of prizes everyday until the end of the giveaway, September 8th(Yes,we've extended it!)

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  1. This is great!! I agree 100%. I was one of those blind people too, never bothering about how the characters were, as long as the story was good. Now I tend to get books that portray people of all cultures.

    Shame I can't take part in this, because I don't blog. Will spread the word on Twitter though!


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