Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week Four of OUR Favorites, Day Three :Favorite Authors- Sarwat Chadda + Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

It's so hard to believe we're nearly done with our favorites for the month!
 Each week has been a blast, and it'll be sad once the month is over, but hopefully anyone reading will have walked away with a bunch of new blogs, books and authors to take away from our event of Twinja Monthly Favorites!

Today holds especially dear to me. I've only recently discovered this author, through Libby's online searching(after being held captive by The Percy Jackson series). Upon looking for a series that dealt with Gods and Goddesses, but through the eyes of a character of color.

I've nearly devoured the series since then, and became an instant fan. I was so excited about this author's book, I wanted to tell everyone!

Which leads us today's favorite:
Sarwat Chadda

Originally from the United Kingdom, Sarwat has done for me what so few traditionally published authors have done. Write a character or color, in a fantastic or science fiction setting, unapologetic-ally, and with ease.

It's a shame I'd only heard of him this year, as he's been writing diversely in literature, and on his blog for years.

I loved his series so much, I would take great pride in making another person a fan of his work. I have the upmost confidence that anyone who likes diversity in books, will no doubt love his "Ash Mistry" series.

 It's just a shame it ends at three!

 So now that we've shared some of our favorite authors, what are some of yours?

 Don't forget to comment for a chance to win Ellen Oh's "Prophecy/Warrior" and Sarwat Chadda's "The Savage Fortress/The City of Death!" Did away with the Rafflecopter for this month to make things fun! All you have to do is comment answering what draws you to book covers and YOU'RE ENTERED! Simple, right? There will be TWO lucky winners! Why not be one of them!


  1. I discovered Sarwat Chadda's books when my friend lent me the first two books in the Ash Mistry Chronicles and I loved it!!! I need to get the third book soon. I love the covers of this edition better than the Scolastic version too.

  2. I think the UK covers embody the plots of the particular books, but I do like that Parvati is on the US second cover!


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