Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014 Martial Arts Spotlight: Alex Meraz

We want to give a quick warning, the next few months is going to feature some insanely attractive men. 

We aren't responsible for any heart failures or dry mouths you'll get from drooling over these incredibly talented Martial Artists so with that disclosure, let's introduce our September Spotlight:

Alex Meraz

This is for all those twilight fans! 

If you were anything like us, Twilight(Whether how good or bad you thought it was) Jumpstarted your need to want to read more. Maybe the series isn't the work of art most readers are looking for, but my sister and I loved the incorporation of Native American teenagers in a modern setting. 

It may not have been the best of all representations, but it did give some exposure to many actors of Indigenous Ancestry. While everyone was going GAGA over Taylor Lautner, Our eyes were set on Alex Meraz, who played Paul in the Twilight Series. 

For those who didn't know Mr.Meraz is a practitioner of Mixed Martial Arts, Karate and a personal favorite style of ours, Capoeira! And while Capoeira isn't a belt associated concentrate, Alex is pretty darn good at what he does and his experience in the art shows! Just Youtube it, You won't be sorry. Matter of fact, let us start you out with the first one here

Seriously, this actor needs his first MAJOR lead role in a Martial Arts flick. That's definitely something we'd pay 13 bucks to go see! Don't you all agree?


  1. Haha!This is a great post:) Looking forward to your next spotlight feature!;)
    I totally drooled over this :'D
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  2. Yea he was pretty drool worthy XD Cant wait for the next three before the new year =D


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