Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014 Martial Arts Spotlight: Nick Bateman

It's that time again! 

We've got a great Martial Artist Spotlight this month, and we only promised you fine ass men, from September until the end of the year!

With this month's spotlight, to be fair, he's more a performer than a competitor.

But her fine, so I can't wait to present November's Martial Artist Spotlight:
Nick Bateman

Nick's history in martial arts is Karate, which doesn't surprise me, because he's competed with some of my favorite martial artist's under 30, including Taylor Lautner and Craig Henningsen(My personal favorite!).

He's an excellent tricker, which you can see if you follow him on IG @nick__bateman.

And he acts, and even bigger plus...HE'S CANADIAN!

He's awesome with a Bo Staff too! 
For your dirty minds, I meant actual Bo Staff!

But let's admire his fine ass!


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