Sunday, November 30, 2014

Read our first chapter of "The Mark Of Noba" on Wattpad!

So we jumped on the bandwagon and joined Wattpad

It's an awesome social network for writers to gain audiences for their work. It's truly for everyone. Four authors that I follow and read myself are up there(to name a few Justina Ireland, Marissa Meyer, Heather Heffner and Red Harvey).

We're still in the middle of editing our first work under GL Tomas. But we wanted to start sharing our unedited work. 

Also take in mind, the cover up there, is an untouched, unedited, definitely not going to be the cover, cover of the book. Before we found our artist soul mate Alice Bessoni(which if your nosy, you can find it snooping around) =) We commissioned covers, not sure of what we wanted.

But an awesome cover pays for itself, and our actual cover is FREAKING AWESOME!

We'll be revealing an unedited chapter a week for Act I of "The Mark of Noba."

"The Mark of Noba" follows the exploits of Sterling Wayfairer, who finds out he is spiritually linked to Sai Liber-Tetraphirmaportacheeq(Don't worry, he can never pronounce it either!) aka Tetra.

They share a connection known as a "Bond" which results in them sharing each other's soul, and enables them to manipulate elements, known as "riding."

If you didn't get a chance to gander at them a few weeks/months back, when we featured them during our Twinja Book Reviews Favorites Month, and at any random given time that we felt like it...Here is how we picture Sterling and Tetra!

Follow the link below!


  1. I was curious to finally read one of your stories. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to what comes next :).

  2. Hey Roberta! Take in mind it's pre-edited lol. But it does feature a m/f friendship and I know you were always a big fan of those!

  3. @Roberta any support or criticism would be awesome!


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