Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Martial Artist Spotlight: Ashley Nichols

So it's March and it's still Women's History Month, and we're at that time again where we highlight a martial artist.
So we're always thinking WWDRH?

Not sure what that stands for? Let us break it down. When it comes to representation and inclusivity in all forms of media, we do find it difficult to highlight everything with the same percentage of posts.
When we highlight one identity, we could always be doing more to make sure another identity doesn't get lost in the process.

One of our goals this year, was to make a conscious attempt to highlight non-American themes, as well as do better with representation we dont often highlight enough.

One of the voices we find the most influential, as well as necessary when it comes to Native American, American Indian, First Nation, and all Indigenous identities, a woman named Debbie Reese comes to mind.
She is the founder of American Indians in Children's Literature that critical analysis and perspectives of Indigenous peoples in children, YA books, popular culture and society.
So what does WWDRH stand for? Who Would Debbie Reese Highlight?

March Martial Arts Spotlight: 
Ashley Nichols

Ashley has been making waves. She's been winning championships left and right, but recently became a World Champion in Muy Thai, becoming the first Canadian woman to gain a professional world title in Thailand.
She's also First Nation(For those not familiar with the term First Nation, it is a Canadian term for Indigenous peoples born to Canada, not the United States) which is awesome, as martial arts is one of the most inclusive sports in the world(which is why we love it!).

She even takes a bomb selfie!

You can check her out via Awakening Fighters , a database of female martial art athletes!


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