Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Martial Artist Spotlight: Yanin Vismitananda

Been gone for awhile, but we can't help but want to share May's Martial Artist Spotlight!

We fell in love with this martial artist and actress not too long after we discovered Tony Jaa, and the wonderful art of Muy Thai.

While she hasn't trained as a Muy Thai fighter herself(her concentration is Tae Kwon Do) she hails from Thailand, and became the first female martial artist actress from Thailand to gain international fame!

Look at us, we're so busy bragging about her, we haven't introduced her to you guys! May's Martial Artist is:

Yanin Vismitananda

She's also known as JeeJa Yanin to international audiences(although, I don't think it catches on well, Yanin Vismitananda suits her much better).

She got her first leading cinematic start in a movie named "Chocolate" which she portrayed the daughter of a former assassin who hadn't been paid all her debts. She was also autistic, and for entertainment purposes, was able to memorize any martial art she watched(which came in handy when she went toe to toe with all the people who owed her also disabled mother).

What really made us fans was her portrayal in "Raging Phoenix", also a leading role that allowed a fluid display of drunken martial art, break dancing, Capoeira and Muy Thai.
She had one of the longest, most epic battles with a future Martial Artist Spotlight Jindasing Roongtawan(so look out for her!) that proved the elven-faced fighter could take hits like the best of them.

Thailand has been pretty epic for it's realistic fight sequences compared to Chinese martial art films, so it's awesome to finally have a woman to cheer on.

She's been in some other awesome titles, that haven't been available until recently, but if you prefer your woman kick ass in movies, check out this girl.


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