Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When Your Real Life Conflicts With Your Online One...

Remember a few blog posts ago when we mentioned we'd explain our absence with our online scene?

Here's the deal all you lovers of books, our personal/real life issues and struggles didn't always accommodate our online ones.

We'd like to think that all the times we can do both, but it's not always possible. 

Around the month of April, some really major things have switched around our lives and schedules, and the only real thing we could do to limit the stress was completely cut off social media.

It sucked.

In this day and age, you feel as though you're missing SOOOOOO much when you're not constantly connected 24/7.

We didnt blog, tweet, Facebook friends(much) or review books. We could've made time, but it was also mentally freeing not having to constantly check up on things, be at the beck and call of social media, and just sit back and re-think how you'd like to do things.

While it's important for everyone, sometimes as women, you have to take a step back, because our society expects so much more from us(especially Black women) with so little recognition for it, and our personal lives are quite stressful.

Mental health is important folks. Don't ignore it. Whenever things are too stressful, you don't need an explanation to make time for yourself.

But we're finally making time for new things. Diverse Book Tours, a virtual tour company we do tours for is up and running, and hopefully the next tours you see from us in the next few weeks are from awesome authors like Sarah Ockler, Necole Ryse, Tamara Philip, and Constance Burris(But definitely more to come).

We've even started a new diversity blog that centers on Romance books. It can have speculative fiction elements, as long as the Romance is the main focus. Here at Twinja Book Reviews, we focus MAINLY on Speculative Fiction from NA,YA and Adult genres, but YA categories for all genres we agree to read.

But Romance books tend to bore our audience here, so we wanted to create a blog that highlights Romance. We're still figuring out our rating system, but we wont be are harsh with reviews there, mainly because we're REALLY hard on YA books.

Excuse the mess there, but if you'd like to check it out before we get a blog revamp, click the link below and say hi!

We plan to cross post reviews that are speculative fiction or have YA aged characters on both,  so when our audience on RCBR gets big enough it'd be double the exposure =D
Expect a review for the epic series closing book "King" by Ellen Oh later in the day(or tomorrow, whichever works for me ;p) but in the mean time, we also have an awesome guest post today =D

By the ways of C.K.Oliver, an author lucky enough to have been recently signed to Oktopus Ink, an independent digital press that specializes in Diverse Books! Yea!

He's bringing up some really Twinja topics there, so we hope you tune in!


  1. It's funny, because I recently wrote a blog post about this very issue you mentioned - having to juggle your real life with the online one, and being a little too tired/stressed out to do just that. I hear you! I noticed you were not on Twitter either, and I was wondering what the problem was. I'm glad you were only recharging your batteries :). It's something we all have to do sometimes (especially us women, you're right!) - no shame about that.

    Good luck on your new project!

  2. You guys scared me when you disappeared. Seriously, I missed you. I can't wait see what you guys got cooking.

  3. I hope life is peaceful and kind to you two for a nice long stretch!!!!


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