Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Martial Artist Spotlight: Roongtawan Jindasing

So it's that time again, so we're kicking off the end of the month with a new Martial Artist Spotlight!

If you saw last month's highlight, you may have been expecting this month's. 

As a mega-fan of Thai's recent spurt of martial art's films, our favorite so far has been "Raging Phoenix",  a film that highlighted break-dancing, Capoeira, Muy Thai and a fictional drunken martial art. But did you notice the boxer in the ending sequence scenes?

Some might think Boxing is somewhat cheating. It's mainly a contact sport, but it's till considered a marital art. June's Martial Spotlight is none other than:

Roongtawan Jindasing

Not even goina front, we totally thought homegirl was a sista. It's not rare, but since Thai culture and cinema does favor it's fair skinned entertainers more than the dark ones, seeing a darker toned woman totally caught us off guard.

She played a queen-pin "girl trafficker" in "Raging Phoenix." She's also a bodybuilder and fitness competitor, in nationally known in her native Thailand. 

Learning what we've learned about Thailand and colorism, learning about her mixed heritage is a bit sad. Due to having an Indian parent, she's claimed her childhood consisted of comments of not being and looking Thai enough, despite being born there, and living there most her life.

Her muscle definition is friggin' sick! We advocate body positivity for all shapes and sizes, but we've always been fans of girls with muscles. They're often not seen as feminine, but with all these new ways to keep in shape, the conversation on women with muscles is definitely changing!


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