Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Holidays from Twinja Book Reviews!

Happy Holidays for those who celebrate The Fourth of July!
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It's been an exciting few weeks coming for us @ Twinja Book Reviews. 

Diverse Book Tours turn 1 in a few weeks, and to celebrate, we're hosting a giveaway and updating with a few cool tours.

We've officially launched a review site for Romance Books over @ Rebellious Cupid Book Reviews, which will highlight Romance and it's sub-genres, so that we're able to review both YA, Spec Fic and Romantic themes, even though some may not be appropriate for Twinja Book Reviews!

Even with all that news, we have even more. Nothing special for the 4th happened, but we just turned in our manuscript for The Mark of Noba to an editor, so that means in a few weeks, we'll finally be published.

It's been a hectic spiral to write, research, edit, re-edit, over the past few months-years. We were in no rush to publish for the sake of it. What mattered more was having the manuscript be the best it can be. 

If you're just tuning in, The Mark of Noba is a YA Fantasy/Time Travel/Portal Fantasy novel. It features a mirrored image of Earth, in a world named Geo, where our two main protagonists Tetra and Sterling learn they are spiritually bonded to each other, where they sacrifice half their soul for the other's, a phenomena that grants them the ability to ride to other worlds.

It's super diverse too, and addresses subjects like slut shaming, gender roles, and people of color protagonists galore!

We haven't done an official cover reveal, as there's still the formatting and typography for the cover(they require word-count and page count to make sure the spine comes out proportionate) but when we do, everyone will be the first to know.

We're honestly so glad to finish Book 1, of a planned 4 book series. As much fun as it was to write TMON, it was exhausting at the same time. We're so happy to be working on the next project, a YA contemporary/romance story titled "The Unforgettables."

It features two teens who are best friends, and fall for each other. What's most exciting about it, is that our main characters are two kids of color, who both come from interesting backgrounds. Felicia, the girl, is Haitian-American, an overachiever, who doesn't seem to make friends well. Paul, the boy, is a mixed race Japanese/Welsh-American kid who has dyslexia.

This story is also taking a bunch of research, which we plan to highlight in future posts!

(Guin)Speaking here, while I love speculative fiction, it warms my heart to be working on a project that deals with issues teens are going through today, without going too far or not far enough. It doesn't hurt that they're a Blasian couple, which I love!

We're even going custom with the cover! Trust us, it's really, really, expensive, but the experience has been so worth it. We can't wait to share all the experiences on our blog about what goes into a custom shoot, and we're going all out for it, because trust us when we say, Stock Art? Just ain't for brown people XD

So that's a ton to talk about in one post! If you're interested in reading these stories in their beginning phases, hop on over to Wattpad! The Mark of Noba is almost in it's completion with story updates, and The Unforgettables we've added recently. 

Take in mind, the covers are just Wattpad covers. The real covers are way more awesome!

Anyway, Happy Holidays Diversies!


  1. Woo! y'all sound busy, but it's obvious that good things are happening. I'm so excited for you guys.

    1. Thank you so much! You've been a push for us so far!

  2. Good luck...or break a choose! ;)

    And I learned a new word today...Blasian.

    I'm curious...why "Bianca Welsh"?

    1. Hi Roberta!

      Oh its just a pen name. Its a variant of Guinevere's name since her name its meaning in spanish is fair, and it's originally a welsh name XD its Blanca lol, not Bianca

      Blasian just stands for Black and Asian lol.


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