Sunday, August 9, 2015

First Week Twinja Favorites Month Wrap-up: #Stonewall , #BlerdBookChat, and the start of Week 2!

What a week!

We were able to highlight 5 awesome book covers(including one that is in our awesome giveaway)plus bring attention to a worthy cause!
Week One Twinja Book Reviews Favorites Wrap-up:
Week Two will feature Favorite Book Love Interests!

 There's been some crazy stuff going on with this Stonewall movie, that since we've been tweeting about, I just felt I had to mention.
 For many who've already been made aware, there's a movie depicting the Stonewall riots. I'd only heard about it through it's controversy, but it makes sense that Hollywood would be hush about it, since they've chosen not to tell the start of the movement the way it happened.

First off, I have nothing against the creators or those involved with the film. I think it takes a special kind of silly(wanted to use another word, but I try to keep it as R&B as possible on here) to want to be attached to something this problematic, but I know the politics involved with Hollywood, and too many aren't brave enough to challenge it for a check XD

But my bone to pick has everything to do with the whitewashing and the cishet agenda this movie is choosing to portray.

Hollywood argues they don't put POC in historical films, because it wouldn't be accurate for POC to be in them, even though we've mingled interculturally for centuries.

But then when we are apart, or even start movements, all that historical accuracy gets thrown out the window. It's like, they can't possibly fathom telling the truth the way it was, unless a White cishet male is the mian character and the hero of the story.

Im not transgender, but you don't have to be to support the boycott of this movie. If they're going to choose to ignore the history the way it actually was, then it's basically a fantasy film.

I've just been feeling some kind of way about it all weekend. But seriously, this movie isn't worth seeing XD

Onto a lighter note, Guinevere and I are co-hosting the #BlerdBookChat at 3pm CST with Madhuri Blaylock! Thelonious Legend of "Sins of The Father" won July's Blerd Book of The Month, and we're gonna be going HAM XD

Hope you cuz tune in! It can be viewed on Twitter with the hashtag #BlerdBookChat and on Youtube!

Have you gotten a chance to enter our giveaway?


  1. I loved this week and am excited for book two!

  2. @Janiera, awesome that you tuned in! Thanks so much, wondering if you're #amwriting anything new?


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