Monday, August 10, 2015

Week Two Day One: Book Boos: Yasmin from The Beast of Callaire @luxguardians + amazing #YA adventure books #giveaway

So we've finally reached the week I've been waiting for in our favorites. Do you ever just read a book just to see if you'll connect to the relationship between the characters?

Well that's me all the time and I wanted to highlight a love interest that sort of resonated with me because it was one of the few LGBTQIAP books I picked up this year that featured A female character of color who identified as being queer.  

I don't think it's a secret that f/f relationships in YA or Spec Fic aren't as mainstream as m/m which is why when I find one, It just sticks with me.
Book Boo 1: Yasmin from The Beast of Callaire by Saruuh Kelsey
*My Yasmin*

One of the things I really liked about this story is that it featured two queer girls(including one of color) in a speculative setting. Too often I think readers are uncomfortable with the fact that a love story can take place without the presence of a cis-gender man and while many seem to fetishize M/M relationships to the point where the audience for that demographic is not the characters they write about but STRAIGHT, most often cis-white women, I'm one of those rare readers(maybe not rare)who seeks out books that center around f/f relationships for the sole fact that as a woman, I love women and I love when women are happy. 

My final thoughts on my first choice in our "Book Boos"week, This girl made me very happy!

Who are some of your favorite book love interests in your favorite reads? 


  1. I don't come across many books of this genre often, but when I do I love them. I really love Etta from Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz. She's an African American, bisexual teen who is also a dancer. Her group of friends at her prestigious private school turn against her when she starts to date a guy. They want her to be a straight up lesbian, in order to be her friend. I really love her character and the ending was great.

  2. @Lekeisha We were actually gonna choose her, but haven't read the book XD There are tons of politics in that book that we cant wait to explore, so it definitely needs to be read by one of us soon =)


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