Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Goodreads Author Program and Netgalley!- Thoughts on self-publishing

So we've officially become Goodreads Authors!

We've chosen to make a separate account for it, just so we're not obsessing over who is and isnt reading the book XD

But anyway, The Mark of Noba we've also chosen to put on Netgalley!

For those of you don't know about Netgalley, it's one of the biggest online resources for Librarians, Publishers, Bloggers, or big folks that read and publish books to read and review e-ARCs or finished published e-books.

There are pros(Tons of reviewers who may be more likely to review your book even if it's self published!) and cons(one being the price and the ruthlessness of the reviewers XD) to Netgalley but we hope to chronicle the experience so folks can know if it's for them!

The Mark of Noba is a YA Portal Fantasy/Time Travel novel that is diverse, but may not connect with every person. We just have to play to our avatar and hope we can connect with more than our imaginary fan ^_^

If you think it might interest you, you're welcome to click on the book link and see if it'll get approved!
We'll keep everyone posted, but in the meantime, we're hosting our 2nd annual Twinja Book Reviews Favorites Month.

We're halfway through Week Two, a week full of Book Boos, and today we have a lovely interview from author E.R. Ross.

E.R. Ross is offering a few e-copies of her book, as well as one paperback separately from our giveaway, but you can still enter both!

To enter her giveaway, you just have to comment on the bottom of her interview that'll be up shortly!

Don't forget to enter our giveaway!


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