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Week Two Day Three Book Boos: Magic Academy's Raj @MagicAcademy_ E.R. Ross Author Interview + amazing #YA adventure books #giveaway

So we were on Twitter a few weeks back when we got approached by this awesome author. For a while now, we hadn't been taking review queries, to keep the commitments we've made with other requests, as well as fit in time for our own reads, but the synopsis intrigued us ^_^

One of the points that stood out was that it was a Fantasy book about magic with a Black girl at it's center.

Magic Academy's Lace
 Anyway, after reading the e-ARC version of it, I had to add it somewhere in this month favorites!

Since we're doing Book Boos, and there was a really hot brotha in the book, we've chosen to highlight Raj, after this happened:

This is the first time she'll be on our blog, so we hope you give her a warm hug!

For those who may not be familiar with you E.R., why don't you introduce yourself?
E.R. Ross is my pen name. I adore fantasy and romance. Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey are two of my favorite authors, and Aragorn is my everything. 
My favorite moment in my career was when a young black lady walked up to me with tears in her eyes and said my book was the first she’d ever read where the protagonist looked like her. That was wonderful to hear, but also hurts me to the bone because that shouldn’t ever be an issue for her—we need more diverse creators (first, most important)—and protagonists (second) in books.

It’s our favorite’s month, and this week were highlighting our faves in the love interest department. Your new book “Magic Academy: The Fire Test” had not just one, but three potential hotties, but lets focus on Raj. What inspired his character?

Ooo, yes…I imagine Raj quite frequently…in many different scenarios…settings…clothing options (happy sigh)…
For his character I wondered, “What if Aang’s spiritual side (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) was combined with Zuko’s horrific past?” I love how spiritual Raj is, and how much shit he’s overcome—it also melts my heart because he’s so devoted to Lace. I’m a huge sucker for the bodyguard trope in romance. Especially when he’s not the “savior,” they’re equals and fight side by side.

In the twittersphere of diverse books, theres been a lot of talk how there aren't as many Black boys and men to fawn over as much as other races. Did you set out to make Fantasy book with diverse main characters?

I did. There’s nothing more important to me than creating stories in which everyone can see themselves as the hero—not just the white male.

I don't know whether to swoon over One Eye, Arif, Cannon or Raj! Whos your favorite out of the four?
One Eye
Raj! Definitely! I try to never write a character I’m not in love with. There’s things I love about each of them—I adore Raj’s warm soul, One Eye’s faithfulness, Arif’s scoundrelness, and Cannon’s kindness. I also like their weaknesses. Raj’s independence makes him pull away, One Eye’s pride makes him a bad team player, Arif’s scoundrelness makes him selfish, and Cannon is afraid to do hard things and sacrifice.

 How can we ever really love people if we don’t love both their strengths and weaknesses?

Is Magic Academy a planned series?

Yep! The Fire Test is the first in a series of seven. Murder at Seagrove (Book 2) is coming soon!

Lastly, where can new readers go to find out more on the release of “Magic Academy”, or social media stalk you, like the rest of us blogger do XD

Magic Academy Book Series on Facebook and @MagicAcademy_ on Twitter!

You can also email at

Because I’m so excited about the beginning of this series, I’m giving away five e-ARC’s of Magic Academy: The Fire Test, and ONE paperback of the book, to be delivered after it’s release! Simply leave a comment and I’ll choose a random winner by August 31st, 2015!

So in addition to our giveaway, E.R. is also giving away 5 e-ARC copies, plus a paperback! All you have to do is comment!

Who are some of your favorite book love interests in your favorite reads? 


  1. I have so many book boos, It's not even funny. My favorite so far would have to be Chaol from the Throne of Glass series by Sara J. Maas.

  2. At the risk of being too dated and naming a classic like, Mr. Rochester, as a "book boo" I'm going to go with this month's obsession, Jaro from a new book called The Occasional Diamond Thief by J.A. McLachlan. I just can't help but love him! ^__^

  3. Ben from Niko... He was bad in such a good way.

  4. FYI. I totally need this book in my life.

  5. Carlos from The Vampire Huntress series is still my favorite book boo. I loved everything about him.

  6. I am so excited about this book.

    (New commenter. I'm here from E.R. Ross's Twitter!)


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