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Week Four Day One-Five: Favorite Web Television Channels of 2015 + amazing #YA adventure books #giveaway

So as promised, we're bringing our 4th week of favorites! 

Week Four was meant to highlight Web Television and Web Series'. We wanted to highlight web series' because it's a medium of entertainment that's often undermined. In the book and publishing world, everyone(and we mean everyone) defines a book's success on whether there's interest in it being optioned for the big screen.

There's a "Them vs. Us" complex for everything. Light vs. Dark, Black vs. White, Republican vs. Democrat, TV vs. Movies, Traditionally Published vs. Independently Published. What we've noticed with mediums of entertainment? It's really really hard to try something new.

As much as we want Hollywood to wake up and consider normalizing experiences that aren't Straight, Male, White, Abled and Christian, it's been working for them since movies have been made. They take chances sometimes. But they have little intention to fix things they never considered broken.

TV is definitely starting to reflect a more diverse experience, but a show like "How To Get Away With Murder" where a darker skinned, middle aged Black woman is the leading lady is still very rare, even with it's success. TV is still very much a white environment.

But Web Series'...

They can and do many things mainstream Television and Motion Pictures can't.

 I don't think I've watched more than 5 shows(and not on major networks) where an Asian guy was the love interest. It's very rare when a show highlights a woman who doesn't conform to gender as a main character, and we can only count on one hand when Latinx doesn't automatically default to Light Brown, Gang Member or Mexican(Mexican is the highest Latinx demographic in the US, but they're not the only Latinx living here =D ).

Since publishing a novel, with plans on some more toward the end of the year, Libby and me always talk about using our Communication and Camera skills and considering making web series' of some of our books.

It might not a huge financial gain, but the point is for it to be seen =)

That's why Web Series' are super important. They take advantage of the generation who feel lost without their phones, prefer Netflix to Comcast, and give audiences the opportunity to consume it immediately. 

It's like the Indie Labels of tv and movies =)

But I've spoken too much about why we wanted to highlight them, let's get to our Favorites!
5. Issa Rae Productions
It should go without saying that anything attached to Issa Rae is pure brilliance. Her legacy of "Awkward Black Girl" still lives on for all of us who are awkward and Black =D

She's been doing some really cool stuff lately behind the scenes, but you can always watch anything she's been apart of on her official channel! 

4. Wong Fu Productions
Remember all that talk of never seeing Asian male leads as love interests? Well you wont get that here! There were literally so many stations highlighting characters of Asian descent, so it sucked that our Top 5 could only be 5.

But I think we choose the best one to highlight! Wong Fu Productions has a series of shows, skits and as of recent, movies! With all Asian casts!!!

We choose them based on amount of content and the diversity of the story telling, but there are so many highlighting those of East Asian descent, that the only thing that'd make it better is if they also highlighted South Asian characters =)
3. Black and Sexy
It kind of goes without saying that Black & Sexy should make every list highlighting web series'. They highlight tons of stories on several successful shows depicting Black women and men in relationships. The only thing that sucks is that they're not exclusive to Youtube anymore, so it's not as convenient watching on a Playstation like we're used to, but they've become a sort of Netflix in expanding their brand to a stronger platform.

2. 8JTVComedy
We'll have to mention, this show channel might not appeal to every audience, but it's our favorites, so what the hay! This station highlights a group of Latinx men in hilarious skits. Many of them are Afro-Latinx! We grew up in Black and Latinx environments, so while some of the stuff is amped up for comedic purposes, it is hilarious and reminds us of people we know!
1. La Gringa Loca Productions
Again, while much of this is in no particular order, our favorite to highlight made numero uno. It's a channel that's most well known for "The Pineapple Diaries" a show centered on a dark-skinned Afro-Dominican woman. It's funny and painfully honest about what it's like to be one foot in Blackness, and the other foot in Latinxness.
Honorable Mentions:

Take in mind, while some of these shows highlight specific demographics, anyone can enjoy them!

The Almonte Films
Features an Afro-Latinx youth in NY that humorously deals with race, relationships and politics.
Brothers With No Game
Features Four British Black guys who are literally unlucky in love. One of my faves!
I Am Other
Technically it's a channel, but greenlighted by Pharell Williams, features music videos, shows and street interviews from a diverse perspective.
12 Steps
A web series centered on Black Love and relationships. 

East WillyB

A show highlighting Latinx characters in the Brooklyn.
A channel highlighting Asian women and all the problems of life hit them, in comedic sketches of course!
The FungBrosComedy
Another channel highlighting Asian-Americans in media. There are so many on Youtube, yet so little on mainstream television.
Between Women
A show centered on LGBTQIAP women(particularly Black Lesbians) and love, love, love!
The Unwritten Rules
An interesting show about a Black woman in a corporate setting. It doesn't shy away from the microagressions POC face in the workplace.
For SFF fans! This show features a racially diverse cast who are all witches!
Entagled With You
A show with two Black women, one straight, one queer, and how they create an unlikely bond living together.
The FabFemme Tv
 A channel highlighting a "femme" Lesbian experience(wish there was a genderfluid one, most are femme or butch/stud with no in between)

The Peculiar Kind
A show and channel highlighting LGBTQIAP women of color.

Dormtainment TV
A channel featuring bunch of young Black men of several ethnicities, with the purpose of making people laugh!

Wasn't that fun? Y'all should all run to Youtube and subscribe to these channels ASAP!

But in the meantime, our giveaway is almost coming to an end! There's still time to enter our 3 giveaways ending soon!

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