Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week One Day Four Favorite Covers: Team Human by @sarahreesbrenna @JustineLavaworm + amazing #YA adventure books #giveaway

Just going to be friggin' honest. What really draws us to this cover? That it's unmistakeably got a girl of color on the cover IN THE MIDDLE(where most folks eyes divert)and looking super awesome!

Team Human parodies books like Twilight, by mixing vampires in modern day society.

 We'll admit that while this book lies on one of our 6+ bookshelves, we haven't had the time to dive in.But we've liked what we've read about it, and have read Liar by one of the co-authors Justine Larbalestier(I wonder how the heck she pronounces that XD ).

 Since we're dual authors, we're curious to how authors who have different brands, mesh together. We're not new to Justine, but we are with Sarah Rees Brennan, but hopefully when I read this, I'll be tempted to get some more stuff from her ^_^

 If we're reading correctly, the book has satirical elements that totally put Paranormal Romances and books with Vampires to total shame XD

 The paperback cover is pretty cool too, so as an honorable mention, we'll include it too ^_^

Courtesy of some of our favorite reads, we will be hosting a giveaway for many of the books we feature in our giveaway and it's open to both North American Bloggers as well as you bloggers overseas so I do hope you consider entering!

What were some of your favorite covers this year? 



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