Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week One Day Three Favorite Covers: @KNRwrites Niko/Monster + amazing #YA adventure books #giveaway

So we couldn't decide whether we wanted to go with Niko, Book One in Kayti Nika Raet's Outsider Chronicles, or Monster, Book Four in the same series.
Both were super eye catching, but after some long thought, since it's the first in the series, we've decided to highlight Niko!

I read this book last year, and the cover was much different. Since then, the author has reissued Niko with a banging new, bootylicious cover, depicting it's bat slinging heroine, Harmony Niko.

The reissue to us really conveys the genre much better! We even get the best picture of Niko, a Black girl, with a short hair cut(I knew she looked like Samira Wiley to me!). Something you don't get the chance to see as far as hair diversity amongst Black girls and women in fictional depictions.

But since Book Four's cover is thought provoking, as an honorable mention, here it is below!

Courtesy of some of our favorite reads, we will be hosting a giveaway for many of the books we feature in our giveaway and it's open to both North American Bloggers as well as you bloggers overseas so I do hope you consider entering!
What were some of your favorite covers this year? 


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