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Twinja Book Reviews 3rd Annual Diversity Month Day Nineteen: Interview with @VampyreQueen14 + month long #giveaway

We're coming down to our last week of interviews, and we're about to introduce one we connected with with former interviewee May Lairis!

All these new Speculative Fiction authors we're new to. You're welcome ;p
Twinja Book Reviews Annual Diversity Month Event Day Nineteen:

Author T.P. Miller

Thank you for stopping by the blog! Why don't you introduce yourself to readers!

I'm T.P. Miller and I'm the author out a few novels now, mainly Out for Blood: The Chosen One Has Come, an urban paranormal novel and The Agency, a contemporary romance. I'm from Birmingham, Alabama and the Co-CEO of Kemet Books with my husband and fellow author and two kids.

What can you tell us about your journey being an author?

I'm in a genre where a lot of the readers of my complexion do not venture to. Ive built a base of good reads that have taken the chance on a vampire novel with some interesting turns.

Why do you write the types of books you write, and do you plan diversifying genres in the future?

I write urban paranormal fiction with a twist of Egyptian mythology and street lit. I write with these genres because I never saw another book with an AA cast that touched on the Ancient Egyptian culture in depth.

What can you tell us about your experience growing up?

I spent a lot of time reading a lot of books but the books that I wanted to read never really featured an African American woman or others. While they held my attention on the paranormal scale, I wanted to see more women like me.

What types of books did you like consuming growing up?

I've always read romance and paranormal fiction. I started early reading Dracula and just moved on from there.

What is the book(or books) that have the biggest impact on you and why?

I think that the series that impacted me the most was The Vampire Huntress Legends series. It was after reading this series that I saw that as an African American author we could have a rich story with multicultural characters and a strong female main character.

What would you tell your teenage self that you wish you knew now about your growth?

Everything that you wanted will come. You just have to be patient.

What has been your favorite character to create and why?

My favorite character or characters to create are the villains. I have a lot of fun developing the main characters but there's something about digging into the bad in them and why they're doing the things they do.

Which fictional world would you want to live in and why?

I'd want to live in my book world. If I had to pick a TV world I'd be as a living character in Supernatural.

Who is your favorite Book Bae?

My book boo...there's some many to choose. From my own book it would be Ram, the husband of the main character. He's modeled after my own husband so it's hard not to over him immediately. He's protective and would do anything to keep harm from his wife.

If you can have any superpower or supernatural ability, what would it be and why?

I would want telekinesis. To pick up and move items around with a simply thought always appealed to me. At the same time the option to stop time to either correct something or stop something would be my second choice.

How can we make the conversation about diversity where it needs to be?

Understand that we need to get out of our norms and look past the boundaries that "separate" us.

What type of advice can you give to those starting out?

Always research and don't be afraid to ask questions to know the business. And READ! keep reading and try to read more than one genre.

Finally, where can folks go for updates, and to learn more about your projects going on?

T.P. Miller has been writing since she could remember and as a long time reader, she decided that she would start picking up her pen as just a hobby and soon decided that she wanted more. She sat down and penned her first novel, "Out for Blood: The Chosen One Has Come". She is currently Co-CEO of Kemet Books and is working on more paranormal drama. She lives in a hole somewhere in Birmingham with her husband and two kids.


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