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Twinja Book Reviews 3rd Annual Diversity Month Day Twenty : Interview with @Loribeth215 + month long #giveaway

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Anywho, we're just one week away from ending our giveaway. Have you entered yet! We still have many awesomesauce interviews including today's lovely we also got to see a little more of during Mya Lairis' Colors in Darkness event!
Twinja Book Reviews Annual Diversity Month Event Day Twenty:

Author Lori Titus

Thank you for stopping by the blog! Why don't you introduce yourself to readers!

I am a California girl who loves writing horror and paranormal suspense stories. I also moonlight as a ghostwriter for a series of romances.

What can you tell us about your journey being an author?

I have found the most important thing is to be open to whatever comes your way!

I started out with short stories. Then, I got a chance to write an online serial. Editing jobs and even an opportunity to do an online radio show came my way. And each one of those individual things prepared me for the books that I am writing now, and built connections that helped grow my career as a writer, editor, and ghostwriter.

All of my work can be found on Amazon.

My latest novel is The Bell House. The Marradith Ryder Series is comprised of one novel (Hunting in Closed Spaces) and two novellas. The next novel in the series will be out next year. I also have two books co-authored with Crystal Connor (The End is Now and The Guardians of Man). I also have a new novel that I am working on which will be out next year.

What can you tell us about your experience growing up that would credit why diversity in book is important to you?

I am am African American woman who was raised by a single mother. She was a huge believer in education and passed on her love of literature and stories to my sister and I.

Diversity in books is incredibly important. The easiest way to show someone the experiences of others is to do it through the guise of fiction. If you can get inside the reader's head, and show them an a way of thought or living that is different than their own, you bring them a step closer to understanding. I believe that in a very personal way, the stories that we tell about ourselves and others, as well as how we receive the experience, makes us who we are. To me, stories, in whatever form they appear in, are an important part of the human experience. Its how we learn and grow.

What would you tell your teenage self that you wish you knew now about your growth?

Ha! I am a bit more mature, but I am not sure that I am very different from teen aged Lori! I would tell myself to hold on and enjoy, because life is going to be an interesting and bumpy ride.

Do you feel well represented in books and/or media?

Yes and no.

I find myself proud to be among some very talented indie writers, who open my eyes to experiences and thought different from my own. People who write all kinds of stories, with every color and culture and belief imaginable represented.

But when I look at the lists of the books that are best sellers, I see mostly the same people that have always been there. It's not reflective of America. And it is boring.

 How can we make the conversation about diversity where it needs to be?

I don't think we need conversation as much as we need action. There are many diverse people out their creating new and exciting stories and art. We just need to find ways to spotlight that talent in a way that will reach the masses.

What has been your favorite character to create and why?

I have so many favorite characters!

I would have to say my very favorite (right now) is Marradith Ryder. She is growing up and learning her strengths, but at the same time, she has the normal weaknesses of a teenager.

Why do you write the types of books you write, and do you plan diversifying genres in the future?

I like to write the kinds of things that I like to read or watch.

I am a romantic person at heart, so all my stories tend to have some component of romance. But I also love suspense and horror. Growing up we all loved horror movies, and I believe that's why I have an affinity for scary things.

Which fictional world would you want to live in and why?

I would probably live in Marradith's world, but I'd make sure I had some powers to defend myself with.

If you can have any superpower or supernatural ability, what would it be and why?

It wouldn't be mind reading because knowing the intimate workings of other people's minds would make me want to live on a mountain somewhere. I think it would be great to be able to learn anything that you wanted, the way they were able to download things into people's memory in The Matrix.

Finally, where can folks go for updates, and to learn more about your projects going on?

There's a few places! On Twitter, I am Loribeth215

Follow me on Amazon and get alerts when new books come out: http://www.amazon.com/Lori-Titus/e/B00450JMMI and keep up with me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lori.titus

Lori Titus is a Californian with an affinity for dark fiction. Her work explores mysticism and reality, treading the blurred line between man and monster. Her work includes The Bell House, Hunting in Closed Spaces, Lazarus, and Green Water Lullaby.

Lori is also half of the writing team Connor Titus ( with Crystal Connor ) which penned The Guardians of Man and The End is Now. Forthcoming releases include The Art of Shadows (The Marradith Ryder Series #2), and The Creed of Cain, a paranormal tale of religious fanaticism in a small town.


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