Monday, April 11, 2016

Things we've been up to: Bookish Us

Oh the life of audiobooks. How did I ever think you were wastes of time?
 I remember the days when I swore I'd never pick up an ebook, because the only real books to me were hard copies. Then I won a Nook, and hard copies seem to now inconveniently take up space, where any day now, I fear being overrun by 6 full bookcases and growing I can no longer handle.
Ereaders were fun, more convenient. I could take all my books everywhere with me! But then I became a snob when it came to audiobooks. Sure I tried ebooks, but they're the future. Audiobooks are cheating!

Then I listened to one. And text to speech will no longer cut it. 

To tell you the truth, Libby and I read so many books. When I'm not working or writing, I read when I have a block when I just stare at my page. Which is an awful lot.

I've read so many books that need to be reviewed, Ima be at my computer for weeks when I actually can get back to them.

Libby lost her audiobook virginity to "The Partner Track" by Helen Wan which I review on here YEARS ago. And mine was "Shadowshaper" by Daniel Jose Older. Audiobooks make it so when I'm washing dishes, I can listen in. Literally anytime I can find time that doesn't require my full attention, and that is convenient as hell.

But I've also read a number of other books, probably close to 40 since the last time I actually written a review. Libby reads way faster, so she's probably read more.

This was a year about breaking some biases I have, and I know Libby is trying to break some of her biases with genres she's not a fan of either.

We both got new library cards, so I'll finally be able to read the Percy Jackson Series, since Libby has done nothing but brag about it since she finished it. I wasn't motivated since she finished them all in such a short time, so they've collected nothing but dust. But an audiobook, I will not be ready that ish.

Slowly we'll probably get back into reviewing. I owe a few, but like my Writerly post mentioned, writing has taken up a lot of my free time at the start of this year. And our Romance blog definitely needs attention. Not to mention how many damn guest posts I need to hook my homies up with XD

We're on Amy McNulty's blog tour for Nobody's Lady, so we're definitely reviewing two books on April 20th.

But anyway, here's what we're reading right now. I've got one more post idea, and then I'm off to eat!
 Libby's choice is up top, mine being the bottom pic.


  1. Quote:
    "Libby lost her audiobook virginity to "The Partner Track" by Helen Wan which I review on here YEARS ago. And mine was "Shadowshaper" by Daniel Jose Older."
    LOL, it was a really peculiar way to put it ;D. And now I'm picturing you doing the dishes with an audiobook as a background ;).

  2. Spicy covers! I love my e-reader, but it died. So I need to get a new one. SIGH!


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