Monday, April 11, 2016

Things we've been up to: Non-Bookish or Non-Writerly Related Us

Writing real life is never fun
 So real life has not been great...

March was like, the best and worst month of the year for us. Author wise, we released so many books at one time, that it really paid off, so we were like, melting in our own puddles of happiness. But you know when good stuff happens, bad stuff always has to come out of nowhere.

Libby and I had health issues in March, can you believe it? Wasn't even half way into the year, and all this new stuff emerged out of nowhere XD

This is probably TMI, but our grandmother, who's an amputee, is in constant pain. She recently took too many pills and had to be taken to the hospital to have her stomach pumped, so it was so much stress added on to our own health issues that made March the suckiest month of all time. 

So glad it's April.

Libertad and I binge watched all the Law and Order SVU episodes since season 12. Can I just say how much I love Raul Esperza?
If you don't already know, our bias is because he's Cuban-American. But he was by far the most charismatic ADA I'd ever seen on Law and Order. He seems so involved in his cases, and he's so brilliantly played by Raul. Since they found a way to get rid of the only other Latino character(who was also Cuban) I hope they keep him, because he's a major scene stealer.

We've recently restarted our Desparate Housewives rewatch because...reasons. For a show that came out nearly 14 years ago, I'm ashamed to say, despite it's level of entertaiment, it had some issues. It's still hilarious, but how it handles feminist topics compared to now, it'd probably make any person cringe lol.

We've basically been looking for shows to binge on for the past few months, that on days we're completely bored, there's something to do. We've watched A Different World(amazing topics, shows dont even bother touching these days)Doctor Who, and are a few weeks away from a Supernatural rewatch(which Im sure we'll cringe at too, despite our investment in the series).

But we've been pretty boring outside of writing and books lol.

Wondering what everyone has been up to =D


  1. Sorry to read about your grandma and your health. My hubby is an amputee too, so I know what it's like - though he has never overdosed on medications. I hope all's better now - and at least you had your books to look forward to.

    Have you ever watched the original Law & Order? I absolutely love it - the best police-procedural of all time IMO. Also, no shortage of diverse characters, especially considering it dates as far back as 1990. Supernatural,'s one of your guilty pleasures ;).

  2. Sorry hear about your health issues, and your grandma's issues. But glad to see you back blogging! I hope that April is a better month for you.

  3. I hope your grandmother gets well soon!

    You shouldn't be disappointed in the first 5 seasons of Supernatural; it's the next ones that start to go downhill.


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