Sunday, July 31, 2016

#NAAugust: An event that sings to us!

So we've been trying to find communities of New Adult lovers, but it's super hard! We don't think YA and Adult books are going anywhere, but let me tell you why we love New Adult.

~The stage between being a teen and full on responsibility driven adulthood is a huge part of NA. You struggle a lot in your 20's, financially, career-wise, emotionally, and it's awesome to see that struggle on the page when for years it's been so often ignored.

~The New Adult initiative started when influential authors in both trad and self pub couldn't find a market for the in between, so they began self publishing it and created a whole new category(so it's been essentially self-published driven market).

~It's not as focused on things we're not financially or emotionally ready for, like marriage and children.

~It's soap opera messy!

~It's reality tv messy!

~It's just messy!

So it brings great pleasure that Books Are My Fandom is hosting a month long event with reviews, recs, interviews, guest posts and a giveaway celebrating New Adult!

We asked to be apart of the magic, so we've contributed a guest post to what we know best(Mine/Guin's will be on our birthday August 6th, Libertad's on August 22nd). 

Inclusion in New Adult!

Since we're allowed to host New Adult August on our own blog too, every day of the month, we'll be suggesting cool New Adult books (99% are inclusive, but I'll explain why I choose them if they don't appear that way.). We normally do our favorites month this month, but we've been waiting for someone to host a month like this, so we're totally taking advantage!

If you'd like to know more about the event, you can click on the graphic at the top of this post, or the bottom!

Happy #NAAugust!


  1. Yesssss, these are all the reasons I love New Adult too!!!!

  2. @C.M. Lloyd I know! There a bunch of books you might like ;p I hope you stay tuned!


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