Monday, August 1, 2016

#NAAugust Week One, Day 1: Getting Started in New Adult - Sugar Love by Victoria H. Smith

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Sugar Love was a book I read months ago, so I need refreshing in some aspects to review it again(I did on amazon, but they deleted, claiming I had a relationship with the author. I don't btw. I know nothing about her aside from her being an author).

It's a cute book though. I struggled with some things, but I think it a great opener to NA if you're not used to it, and it's low on the love scenes if you don't like descriptive sex.

They're on the older side of NA, which is awesome, so I'm close in age with the heroine right now.

Reasons I chose Sugar Love:

~Dark skinned Black heroine with purple hair. Need I say more.

~Korean-born hero. He was the rapper in a K-Pop group and went solo. Plus he was handsome!

~Cover! Again, need I say more?

~Inclusive cast throughout. There was inclusion throughout the book that weren't just the MCs, so that's always a win.

The only thing I didn't connect with was how the hero's accent was mentioned so much(literally five times within two chapters)because I felt like it othered him.

I kinda feel like, a person who has an accent knows it, and by the second time so do I. Bringing that much attention to it gave me reason to believe there was something wrong with having an accent, and there isn't. Everyone does. It's like pointing out everyone has noses.

But I think it's a great introduction to New Adult that offers inclusion without trying too hard. Plus the author is a woman of color, so click the links to support! 


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