Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#NAAugust Week Five, Day 30: What's Next For New Adult - Te Quiero(Falling For You) by Suki Fleet

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So a last minute change in plans caused me to choose today's book. 

I'm intrigued by the MC being a Latinx narrative not often used in books(though if you know an #ownvoices book doing the very same, let a sista know ;p) and deals with a topic I haven't seen researching M/M Romance.

Overall it seems like a cute insta-love story if you're looking for something cute, but I can think of other reasons too.

Reasons I chose Te Quiero:

~A Latinx hero! Swoon! Interestingly enough, he's Argentine, which is pretty rare as far as representation(Even though I'm told the Spanish could use work incorporating Argentine slang).

~It's a college romance, which is difficult to find inclusive narratives in.

~It's short and sweet, so one can read it one sitting!

~Such a pretty cover(drool...)

Seems cool enough right? Tomorrow is the last day and I already miss #NAAugust =( It's been months since we blogged this consistently so we must do this again!


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