Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#NAAugust Week Five, Day 31: What's Next For New Adult - BookMark by G.L. Tomas
It's the VERY last day in the full month dedicated to highlighting books for New Adult August(#NAAugust). We want to thank Dani Reviews Things, Books Are My Fandom and Books and Ladders for taking the initiative for such a lovely event!

We're about to highlight our last book, which is shamelessly our book😋

Many might not be familiar with our New Adult Romance debut Same Page(Our 2015 anniversary is coming up soon), which followed Timothy and Naima, a starcrossed couple who meet in the backdrop of Symposium Books, a bookstore in Rhode Island.

The cast is so inclusive, that we decided to continue the series with fan favorites Ruby and Angel as future main characters.

Here's why you should consider checking it out!

Reasons I chose BookMark:

~It features a couple where the characters are both of color. When I put out the call for a F/F book where both the characters were of color on Twitter, I was sadly disappointed how few there were. Only two came up, which said a lot about what's acceptable for interracial couples in books.

Ruby was nearly everyone's favorite supporting character in Same Page and Next Chapter, but seeing how important her narrative was, she NEEDED her story told.

~Ruby falls for Harper Cordova, a Belizean non-binary lesbian who happens to be an erotic romance writer(she's somewhat inspired by one of our favorite authors Harper Miller ;p). We see a bunch of queer Black women in books, but would love to see more diversity among them, which is why we tend to make Black women who don't conform to gender.

~No unhappy lesbian story here! They get a HFN/HEA just like the rest of the couples and we wouldn't have it any other way ;p

~If you pay attention close enough, you get updates on past characters like Tim & Naima, and a look into the next book in the series Page Break, which features our first Afro-Latinx male main character Angel.

The Bookish Friends To Lovers series came to me(Libertad) as a duology, that reminded me of an experience I'd gone through, but adding the back drop of Rhode Island really gave it magic. We even drove there several times to get it right(it's about a 90 mile drive one way) but I do admit Symposium Books, while it's a real bookstore, the inside of Symposium is actually based on R J Julia, the biggest community based bookstore in our state(they have lovely events, even celebrity authors there!).

If anyone knows any f/f books with two characters of color, let us know! We're always looking! Hopefully you found one book that you added to your TBR this month!

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