Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bonus #NAAugust Feature: What's Next For New Adult - Netflix and Kill by Kenesha Williams

Today's rec is something I'm totally looking forward to, mainly because the author is the creator of Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine too!

I'm apart of a group on Facebook called Colors of Darkness, an annual event(and now group)showcasing Black authors in dark speculative fiction, including Dark Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy and many more.

I saw this on a post and BEGGED the author to highlight it! 

There are so many reasons it sounds awesome, but take a look for yourself!

Reasons I chose Netflix and Kill:

~The backdrop setting is Tubman University, a historically black college/university...For supernaturals. 

Yes you read that right, there's a book coming soon set at a HBCU specifically for supernatural folk! When's registration???

~You guys already know since I did most of the posts this month, I rep hard af for speculative fiction books. It's an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal book that's #ownvoices and as culturally diverse as it is racially(there are Caribbean characters, African, African-American, Black folk with mixed identities and Black folk who are LGBTQ+).

~There's a werelion in it👀

~Because that cover and title! How could you not want to pick it up after that????

It's not slated until October 2016, but feel free to follow Kenesha Williams on Twitter or her official site to get updates, and don't forget to sign up for the Black Girl Magic Lit Mag newsletter for updates when the new issue releases!


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