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Bewitching Book Tours Present: Of Beasts and Bonds by N.D. Jones-My Review

Of Beasts and Bonds by N.D. Jones
September 6th, 2016
 This is my first read from this author, and I signed up for the book blitz and review option back in August to take a chance on this series, especially since I didn't know what it was about.

OBAB follows the exploits of Assefa and Sanura and an extensive world built around Western African lore and culture.

I thought that was pretty cool, considered how Western culture has completely demonized anything and everything that has come from African culture. I know Africa isn't a monolith, so for the sake of the review, and from my knowledge of lore, it seems Yoruban(Afro-Cuban culture is deeply inspired by Yoruban religion and culture, so I say it because it's familiar to me).

But anyway, since this is book two, a few events lead Assefa and Sanura to the events of book two, and they're struggling to complete a sort of mate-bonding(that's supposed to make them stronger) but it comes at the cost of loosing her connection to her father. This was where I was at a disadvantage for not reading book one. While the author makes a bunch of loose ends clear, one might be more accustom to the world building of how things are done before the plot brought Assefa and Sanura's circumstances to this point.

You can still enjoy and follow pretty well without it, but I am a lover of spec fic, so I wish I would've read book one first.

It goes without saying I loved that most the characters in the story were Black, the couple was Black, and the culture behind everything was Western African lore. I love speculative fiction, but this is one of the first PNR books I read in a while, because they're not very inclusive. To be set in a world where it's this lit was pretty awesome.

Sanura passed the Bechdel test throughout the book, and I was glad she had strong relationships with other women that wasn't dependent on men. You'd be surprised how often conversations between women are about men in fiction, tv, media. It may even pass the Mako Mori test so long as you consider Sanura the biggest character in the book. I think it's equal, but Mami Wata really wants her, and Assefa is just a bonus.

Between the strong world building, and the extremely hot sex, I'll definitely be hitting up book one and re-reading! As a lover of speculative fiction, I was impressed! A big win for Black love in books for me =D

I usually fan cast books I love, so for Assefa I saw Idris Elba XD
Sanura, I don't remember how she was described when I think about it, but since the culture was based of Yoruban culture, I instantly thought of Nollywood star Stephanie Okereke Linus!
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 *I received an ARC in exchange for a review.


  1. Thank you so very much for jumping in with book two of the Death and Destiny trilogy. I really appreciate you giving this book, and me, a try. Thank you also for hosting my new release book tour. Even more, I'm pleased you enjoyed the book, especially since, having not read "Of Fear and Faith," you were going in blind. And while there's no way to bring a new reader totally up to speed, I did try to include key info. from book one at the beginning of book two. Still, you're awesome for diving in and swimming against the no-background-knowledge tide.

    When I've done blog interviews, I've been asked, countless times, who I would cast in the roles of Sanura and Assefa. So, it's really funny and cool that you addressed the same thing in your review. I love your selections, especially Elba. But yeah, who wouldn't? :)

    Again, thank you for taking the time to read and review "Of Beasts and Bonds." As a thank you to each tour participating blog, I'm offering a free copy of the novel to their followers. Until September 10th, the book can be claimed at https://t.co/MzYBA2lZ5T.

    N.D. Jones (Natalie)


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