Monday, August 22, 2016

#NAAugust Week Four, Day 22: Beyond The Contemporaries - The Black Parade by Kyoko M.

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 Okay so today's book has been on my TBR list for effing ever, and sitting on my shelf waiting for me to crack it open.

It boggles the mind how I have an Afro-Latinx heroine on my shelf but haven't read it(especially since the last spec fic book I read with the same thing blew my mind!) but I'll give you reason why you should!

Reasons why I choose The Black Parade:

~Jordan, the MC seems to be quite the flawed heroine. I'm starting to prefer difficult female heroines for a number of reasons(one being Supernatural was once one of my fave shows, but the longer I stay tuned, the more I realize we don't appreciate flawed female rep as much as male) and the fact she isn't perfect makes me like the character more =D

~It's an UF that has a different take on Angels/Demons lore. It can get overwhelming when a bunch of books have similar themes, plots and characters, but you needn't worry with TBP, as a diverse cast and new take will take you back into the world with a fresh take!

~It's a trilogy, so there's more where that came from ;p

~She's Afro-Latinx. Duh!

So I admit I haven't gotten around to this book after I started reading ebooks over paperback(I hate lugging books, my copy is a paperback) but that shouldn't stop you from taking a look!

Don't forget to check Libertad out at Dani Reviews Things for her guest post on LGBTQIAP+ in New Adult!


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