Thursday, August 4, 2016

#NAAugust Week One, Day 4: Getting Started in New Adult - Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon

So I don't think the next author needs as much introduction, since I'm always blasting her books based on her inclusivity on QWoC and characters with disabilities. I wish I could've shout them out this week, but they aren't NA, but it's a good thing today's choice is!

It's more of a sweet romance, if you don't like a ton of sex in your NA(Trust me folks. there's an entire week dedicated to sex, so there'll be sex eventually).

Rebekah Weatherspoon is such an awesome writer, and her book Treasure is just as awesome!

Reason why I chose Treasure:

~It's f/f novel with an African-American couple. Like yesterday's choice, if you think it's hard finding AA books in NA, it's even harder finding AA couples in the LGBTQIAP+ community in NA. I'll always love interracial couples in books, but Black women ride very hard for other Black women, so it's not unlikely the highest number of Black queer women are with other Black queer women.

~It doesn't shame sex workers. One of the main characters is a stripper, and it does nothing to shame her for it. I know some folk will have their reservations about that, but we all don't make money to pay bills with the same way, so I'm a firm believer in not shaming something just because you couldn't see yourself doing it.

~One of the main characters is actually genderqueer. While she's originally described as "baby butch", she's also known to defy gender and embrace femininity too. Gender non-conforming sistas are super hard to find in books.

~ Sistas in college. Need I say more?

This book is super feminist, and the author is just that awesome, so make sure to one click those links above to get your reading on!


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