Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#NAAugust Week Three, Day 17: Sex in New Adult - Glitterland by Alexis Hall
It probably doesn't come at a surprise to many, but Romance books in New Adult tend to be very white. LGBTQ+ representation tends to be just as white, and I'm afraid a month isn't enough time for me to weed through New Adult titles that are not only positive, but display PoC as main characters too.

I wish that there were more M/M books in NA I could suggest that aren't just white men written by white men. I'm sure there are tons of books. I just didn't have an adequate amount of time to find any, so I tried my best to at least find ones with positive representation.

 I have a love/hate relationship with the way M/M is handled. While its leading writers are women, it often comes at the cost of drowning men who are actually LGBTQ+ out of the conversation. That's a problem that won't get fixed in a day, but I wanted to highlight M/M written by men, because you'd be surprised how big of a deal that is in the land of Romance.

I've tried to highlight as many #ownvoices books as I could, but I admit not every book will fit that, so I'm at least glad today's did.
Reasons why I choose Glitterland:

~The book's main character is an author, and this might only interest me, but it's set in England =D

~It highlights neurodiversity, as Ash, the main character must push through depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and the fact he's bipolar.

~Even with all it's seriousness, the reviews claim the book has a great sense of humor.

~I can't help but ignore the reviews that claim the sex is well done!


Most M/M fans will probably already have read this, but if you're new to M/M like me, click on the links today and discover something new!



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