Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#NAAugust Week Three, Day 16: Sex in New Adult - Soul To Keep by Rebekah Weatherspoon

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There probably won't ever be an event where I don't suggest one of Rebekah Weatherspoon's books. I did so in the first week, but there was another one I figured might go better during the week that highlights sex.

Rebekah writes a bunch of QWoC that are often fluid. I think most the f/f books I've read featured QWoC who were actually bisexual or pansexual. It's really easy to find a lot of erasure among the LGBTQ+ community when you don't fit a label to the tee, but I just like that there's so much to choose from Rebekah, which is why I tend to always suggest her stories ;p
Reasons why I choose Soul To Keep:

~If it isn't obvious, it features an Asian queer main character. On the cover. You can drool now...

~Well, this reason is more for me than anyone, but it's not the easiest task to find QWoC in speculative fiction where they're also the main character.  I love spec fic, but it doesn't always do the best job at being inclusive, so if you're looking for a QWoC in a spec fic novel, you dont have to look far.

~Okay, so I hear there's a lot of sex, but much of it is behind closed doors. If you prefer fade to black, the acknowledgement that love scenes take place, then this might be for you ;p

~It's also a part of a series, so there are a few books to keep you company!

(Most of them are behind closed doors)

As always, if you're looking for awesome representation from an awesome author, feel free to click the links!

Also, don't forget to check out WOCinRomance's Patreon! Rebekah works hard to keep WoC in Romance up and running, and there's some really cool stuff that comes with being a patron, so check it out!


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