Monday, August 15, 2016

#NAAugust Week Three, Day 15: Sex in New Adult - Down To F*ck by Raci Ames
So I read the next book because of a blog tour, because I'm drawn to provocative titles(especially since our third book had a provocative one).

You can view it here if you'd like ;p

Today's title is as non-conventional as yesterdays' but I think I enjoyed it because I wasn't looking for a conventional romance story at the time.

Not all the titles displayed this week will have the same heat level, and if sex in books makes you uncomfortable, feel free to skip this wekk!
Reasons why I choose Down To F*ck:

~It's not your traditional boy-meets-girl story, which I typically look for in New Adult.

~It's not as diverse as I usually prefer, but there are m/m love scenes and one of the major characters is African-American and fo-ine!

~The characters did realistic things that young people do, like drink and do drugs. A ton of people are surprised that my sister and I haven't ever tried drugs. I haven't had a strong desire to, but that doesn't mean I don't have friends that haven't, so I felt like that messy part of being young rang true for me.

~For 105 pages, the sex is pretty hot/ But it does read more like an erotica book to me.


Proceed with caution though. You have to be open to a less than traditional love story ;p If you are, click the links above to expand your TBR list!



  1. Whew! Dis tew much, lol! Definitely not for me, but I dig you spotlighting stories that feature characters of color in not-so-traditional roles in romance.

  2. @Musings IRJ

    Girl, I read it at the right time. I was exactly in the mood for something unconventional, but I totally understand the push back ;p


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