Sunday, August 14, 2016

#NAAugust Week Three, Day 14: Sex in New Adult - Priya (Saint Jacinta's College Girls #1) by Kayleigh Patel
This week starts one of the biggest differences between YA and NA. 


Whether you like sex in novels or not, YA is just reaching its point to improve sex positivity, but there are still readers who don't enjoy teens exploring their sexuality.

New Adult provides a well-developed gap between YA and Adult, often providing the character development most enjoy in YA, but NA allows the chance for characters to be in more adult, independent situations, sex being one of them.

The books I choose this week may be sweet, sensual, or risque. If you prefer one of the three, I'll mark it clearly so you know it isn't for you =D

I read this story weeks ago, and with the lack of QWoC in NA I was surprised.

Reasons why I choose Priya:

~It features a QWoC with another QWoC, which from an extensive search from the Tweeps, is extremely hard to find.

~It's a college set erotica/romance, which is even harder to find with a WoC lead.

~It's short, which means it gets to the sex rather quick. If you're looking for really hot and unconventional sex scenes, this book has it.

~It's part of a series, so you don't have to stop at one!


If that sounds like your cuppa, feel free to click the links and add to your TBR lists ;p


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