Thursday, August 18, 2016

#NAAugust Week Three, Day 18: Sex in New Adult - G.L. Tomas Overhaul
Oh no! How does this keep happening =0

Today's post appears to have a mind of its own ;p  

Couldn't resist the chance to highlight a few books that have been the beginning of crossing over to Romance from our Young Adult Urban Fantasy debut!

Reasons why I chose our New Adult Books:

~Inclusivity all around. We've gotten some flack for them being too inclusive. The Bookish Friends To Lovers series hosts a number of characters from different backgrounds, as well a major supporting character who's pansexual and of color(who btw is the fan favorite who gets her own book). While the Friends That Have Sex cast is only made up of three major characters, the main two are both bisexual.

It's really hard for us not to have inclusivity, because it's true to us, so we're just writing our normal. It's impossible to include every single marginalized group in every story, and we don't try to; but these were just situations true to us.

~The sex!

A friend who I thought would never read our stuff(as we've discouraged her from doing so because we know her taste) or thought wouldn't connect to our NA titles recently gave us a thumbs up, which if you knew her, that's a big deal!

Even for people who haven't connected to the books have always praised the love scenes for being fun, sexy and realistic at the same time ;p To quote my homie "They write sex the way I'd actually have sex" lol

~They're inspired by things around us. People are surprised to know we don't always come up with ideas together. F*THS was actually my creation(Guinevere) and Same Page was Libertad's. 

F*THS was inspired by two of my friends that I thought might be funny to make a story about if they were fighting over the same girl(*Waves to Terrell and Vinnie*)

Same Page was inspired by a situation Libertad had experienced a decade ago, and she'd always wished she'd handled it differently. Creating the idea took work, and once she asked for my help, I kinda took the characters in directions she didn't like at first, but eventually grew on. While we feel we won't always pen NA, it is a nice niche for us. Probably our favorite to write for as far as Contemporary is concerned ;p

~Unconventional romance stories. Libertad and I like writing about normal people. People who have regular jobs. People who take public transportation. Just regular ass people XD They don't always meet in a conventional way, but if you like that, you might like them =D

We don't self promo often, but couldn't resist the chance to highlight two series' that were scary for us to release. If you like inclusivity all around, you might like them. Don't forget to enter Dani Reviews Things contest to win these titles! Check us out August 22nd for a post on LGBTQIAP+ in New Adult!


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