Saturday, August 20, 2016

#NAAugust Week Three, Day 20: Sex in New Adult - The Lost by Cole McCade
Disclaimer: Today's book is one of the darkest I'll suggest.  If you prefer lighter novels, I guarantee this novel will not be for you...

Now that that's out the way, I was on the lookout for authors who were transmen or gender non-conforming who wrote m/f(even though this book in question appears to be cis-m/f). This is even harder to find, especially since my homeboy Kiran Oliver ain't released his WIP yet ;p

It's okay if the darkness of this book is too much, but I couldn't go an entire month suggesting noting but cis-authors, that'd totally blow!

Reasons why I choose The Lost:

~If you're a bad boy lover, Gabriel would most likely appeal to bad boy enthusiasts. Normally I really like beta-dudes, and I'll always ride hard for a nice guy, but alpha men definitely rule the Romance world. Gabriel's character is highly praised for his dark portrayal and it seems for good reason.

~It handles a bunch of gory subjects that many might be able to handle, but from what I've researched, has been in great taste. It's an emotionally charged book for sure, so make sure you prepare for a long ride in the dark.

~Duh. The sex!


So sad that this is the last day of this theme! Tomorrow starts a new theme, which is my favorite yet! 

Beyond Contemporary! I get to highlight Spec Fic books! I'll even review two! So stay tuned, next week should have you out of your seats!


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