Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#NAAugust Week Two, Day 10: YA/NA Crossover - NeverLove Duology by Angela Brown

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Much like yesterday's pick, today's choice is a former read. I read it years ago, but remember it enough to highly suggest. 

It dealt with a ton of uncomfortable subjects like suicide and sexual abuse, but was still able to carry on a speculative fiction plot. Decide for yourself if this PNR is for you ;p

Reasons why I choose NeverLove:

~NeverLove features three main characters of color. One of South Asian descent, one of East Asian descent, and one of African-American descent. This isn't common in any age category!

~It features a different take the angels and demons trope, but also incorporates tropes in YA most people like(boarding schools) but with

~Abby and Basil meet at Starbucks everyday. How cute it that????

~No slut shaming and plenty of girl power! NA gets the worst rap for slut shaming, and I'm glad to inform you this book has little to no girl hating!

~Basil was a male virgin. Need I say more?

It also has a sequel, so click dem links, and support that author!


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