Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friendly reminder about tonight's "BookLove" episode by A Kind Voice!

We at Twinja Book Reviews will be featured on a special episode of the online blog radio show "A Kind Voice." Titled "BookLove", it will feature three other bloggers, hopefully bringing great book recommendations to everyone listening!

Fellow book bloggers will include:

Katie Cross of: KCross Writing
Kim Ukura of: Sophisticated Dorkiness
Al Kunz of: Big Al's Books and Pals

And us of course!: Twinja Book Reviews

"BookLove" airs tonight at 7:00pm EST. It should be available for later listening @


  1. Just listened to it! LOVE your back stories & how it inspired the blog, I reblogged some of your quotes in a recent post :) Thanks for including YotW as part of it, it made me very excited


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