Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Twinja Book Reviews will be featured on "A Kind Voice on Books!"

Just wanted to let individuals know out in the internet world, that our blog, amongst many will be featured on "A Kind Voice on Books" , a part of the larger family of radio programs(Uniquely named "A Kind Voice") that include Good News, Music, Innovation, Sports and Movies. They focus greatly on positive and interesting reads.

The episode will be titled: "BookLove." It is a special episode "A Kind Voice on Books" is airing to bring listeners book recommendations they could possibly enjoy.

The host, Eden Blackwell, contacted us based on our multicultural themed blog, and thought we could give a unique perspective on our love for two books in particular. Ellen Oh's "Prophecy" from Guinevere's perspective, as well as Heather Heffner's "Year of the Wolf" from Libertad's.

Those were books both of us read, and have many positive things to say, that not only highlight diversity, but relate to us in some way.

The three fellow bloggers whom are being featured are:

Katie Cross of: KCross Writing
Kim Ukura of: Sophisticated Dorkiness
Al Kunz of: Big Al's Books and Pals

And us of course! Guin&Libby T. : Twinja Book Reviews

Anywho, it should be fun. It doesn't air until February 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST(6:00 pm CST) , but will be available for download for later listening @ http://tinyurl.com/qgkqory

We hope everyone can tune in!


  1. Brilliant news! You guys are making an impact and getting noticed. So keep it up. Can't wait to listen.


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