Saturday, November 8, 2014

Next month is our 2nd Annual Diversity Month! Cutest interracial tag team alert =)

So many of our friends and fellow bloggers are joining in on NaNoWriMo.

We so wish we could, but we're so busy preparing tours for Diverse Book Tours, our 2nd annual Diversity Month event in December, and the editing of our first novel =)

We wonder how you guys are all preparing for the new year in a few months. Any cool plans? Want any new book recommendations?

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We've got awesome tours in the future coming from authors:

But in the meantime, don't our main characters Sterling and Tetra just make the cutest tag team?
We recently had Tetra redone to match her look in the first book with what the cover looks like. She looks awesome XD 

For those hearing about our book for the first time, "The Mark Of Noba" is a YA urban fantasy story featuring characters who are spiritually linked through a bond that enables them to share souls. It's a work in progress what will finally get to be a reality for us, so we're really excited, especially because nearly every main character outside of Sterling is a person of color =)

Anywho, off to a day of typing!


  1. Congrats! Great news all around. Rock on with your bad selves.


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