Sunday, August 7, 2016

#NAAugust Week Two, Day 8: YA/NA Crossover - Love Edy Trilogy by Shewanda Pugh

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  Okay so today's read is something I read and enjoyed, but that ending was pretty suspect. I really gotta review this book, because it was just that kind of book, but like most books this week, it blurs the line between YA and NA.

Reasons I choose Love Edy:

~The main characters are both characters of color. Hassan is South Asian, and Edy is African-American. Hassan breaks a ton of stereotypes(even though he can be a jerk) and I liked that Edy isn't your typical likeable heroine. There are also three brothers who are friends with the duo, all African-American boys. Two of them are even twins!

~There's a long triangle, and a ton of angst. If you look for that in NA, you don't have to look further.

~Hassan and Edy are upper middle class, a narrative you don't often see as much with characters of color.

~Edy got natural hair @_@ That will probably only matter to a sista, so I hope a sista is reading this @_@

Anyway, the ending was crazy, and it is a planned trilogy with the first two already out. Do yourslf a favor and pick up this book!


  1. Been in my TBR forever... You had me at South Asian...


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